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  • Learn who we are and why you should listen to us.
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  • Learn why we would never ever launch a challenge.
  • ​You will learn "who" you need to become BEFORE you are a coach.

Ch 4: Before We Figure Out The “How,” We Need To Decide On The “Who.”

  • Discovery who you should be speaking to and who you shouldn't be speaking to.
  • Learn how to most effectively identify and target your ideal customer avatar.

Ch 5: Phase 1 Of The IFCA Client Engine Frame Work - Sales Skills & Processes

  • Understand how you must view sales and learning how that alone will change your business.
  • Learn how to build a winning enrollment process to minimize client attrition.

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Meet Erin & Jordan...

Hey, I’m Erin. The dangerously handsome guy next to me is my husband, Jordan. We’re the founders of the IFCA.

- I’ve been an online coach since 2013, and have worked with 4000+ clients since.
- 2012-2015- Spent countless hours learning to grow an Instagram audience for 4 years and then finally realized that I wanted a thriving business, not an audience. 
- Unlike many “business coaches,” I’ve had a multi six-figure coaching company for five years, and a seven-figure business for 2. 

After seven years in the online personal training space, I’ve seen just about everything

Allow me to let you in on a little industry secret: all of the best fitness business owners in the world… have coaches.
The best online coaches have coaches. And the people who design some of the best, most effective business systems you’ve ever heard of… hire other people to develop business strategies for them.

This goes for everyone from influencers to blog tycoons, to eight-figure coaching empires.

Off the top of my head, I can drop 10 of the most recognizable names in the fitness business mentorship industry, and tell you that each of these people has a coach for one aspect of their business or another. 

I know because they’re our personal friends.

Which brings me around to the point:

I have a mentor for my online coaching business. 

More than one. 

We have another mentor and suite of specialists behind the success of IFCA, as well.

And, Jordan makes a point of always ensuring he’s the “dumbest guy in the room.”

More often than not, this surprises people. The obvious question is, “why would an expert in online coaching—who’s done well over $1M in revenue annually—hire someone else to coach her?”

That question doesn’t just apply to me, of course. You might be wondering why any of the top coaches in the world—let alone all of them—would decide to hire other coaches.

While the main reason people seek out coaches is simple (“I want better results; more money; more time”), there’s a litany of secondary and tertiary reasons that support that primary goal. 

After seven years doing what we now ALSO teach (and what we’ve put into this program), I’m of the mind that everyone can use a coach; I believe everyone can benefit from coaching.

So. Let’s talk about why I hired one.


Imagine, for a moment, where you were and what life looked like in 2013. Do you remember the world back then? Do you remember the fitness industry? I do. It’s crystal clear. 

In 2013 I scaled my business to 500k in revenue through online coaching (by myself, with no team). To most people, this was the epitome of success.

In reality, I began to suffer from crippling psychological and physiological burnout – almost immediately. I knew something needed to change (more on this later).  

In those days, I hated doing the “business stuff.”… I just wanted to coach clients. 

For example, I refused to talk on the phone. Wasn’t gonna happen.

It was out of my fear, insecurity, and ego.

I told myself, “I don’t work for the man anymore. I work for myself, and I don’t make phone calls or any of this other BS I don’t have to do.” ⁣

I would make up stories like” I’m a better communicator via email, so I’ll stick with that.” ⁣

You know what? I got away with it. Getting clients through email was easy back then. 

I played a different game in 2013. There wasn’t a sea of Online Coaches clamoring for attention on Instagram.⁣

I could keep a roster of 200 clients at a time; charge next to nothing, make half a million dollars per year coaching — AND never actually have to “sell” them.

See, back then, people were paying for a commodity.

When someone wanted an Online Personal Trainer, there were approximately 7 of us weirdos to choose from. 

Today, that’s just not the case. ⁣The game has changed.⁣

Today, people invest in COACHES, not COACHING. ⁣In 2020, quality models are suffocating cookie-cutter quantity models. It’s true for your potential clients.

We’re going to show you exactly how to do what we do.
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