Online Fitness Training

4,000+ Women Served 

Would you like to establish a SUSTAINABLE fitness regimen that you can control (at a time when most else it out of your control?) 

If you're a health care provider on the front lines who is stressed to the max OR if you're at home finding that your lifestyle is slower, you're snacking more and you're feeling a few extra pounds creep on... let us help you find a solution to feel more energized, motivated and great about yourself throughout this phase of life!

I think we can all agree that fitness and our normal routines have fallen down in our priority list.

I know that March 12th my perspective was shifted when I first realized that schools in Ohio were closed. That's when I knew this was serious.

I instantly shifted priorities from my daily workout routine, work and wedding planning to...
- first worrying about family members health
- making sure we had supplies we needed to STAY HOME
-Giving our clients modifications to still make progress at home.
-reading and researching all I could about the situation. 

I'm extremely proud to say that we got ahead of the situation and none of our clients have skipped a beat! We've been having a blast with live workouts and BAND works.

And if you think you can't make progress with bands you're SORELY MISTAKEN.

In fact, if you've been lifting for any amount of time this is a great time to go back and establish a mind muscle connection on many lifts you've probably been doing in correctly and build from a solid foundation that will allow MORE PROGRESS.

And if you're a beginner then introducing resistance is going to drastically change your body!

If you haven't been on board like the rest of our clients have... THAT IS OKAY!! You can hop right back on track now. 

The initial shock has subsided. We're settling into a new normal. 

And it's a great time for you to find a new routine.

One that works for YOU! That will actually produce results!

I just beg one thing of you... PLLLLLLLEASE don't fall into the "quick fix" mentality of dieting right now!! We're gonna be in this for a bit and you have the time to do it RIGHT!!

Listen - just about any coach with an overnight nutrition certification understands how to help a client shed body fat. 
Eat less, move more, see results….right?!
What if I told you that 93% of all diets fail!! 
And no, it’s not because people didn’t get’s because they don’t SUSTAIN those results. 
Here’s the honest truth: When we work individually with a client we don’t really give a shit what happens in 12 weeks. Instead, we judge our results on whether they have sustained that fat loss/body recomp 12 months (or even 12 years) down the road! 
What matters to us is SUSTAINABLE fat loss. 
Should you really have to give up vacations, happy hours, and meals with your family? 
Instead, why not devise a plan that allows you to incorporate everything you love while LEARNING how to eat for your goals? 

Are you (any of these)…

  • Ready to learn not only the “how” but the “why” behind your approach to maintaining a lean body?
  • Sick of doing hours of cardio?
  • Tired of losing the same 10-15 pounds over and over?
  • ​Totally over the ‘BRO’ approach to dieting and that damn tilapia and broccoli meal you can’t stand?
  • ​Living below the potential that you know you have within you?
  • ​Ready to step in to your full power and start living life as the badass you are?
  • ​Confused on the best approach that would be tailored for YOU?
  • ​Looking for a community to connect with other like minded individuals that will force you to step up your game?
  • ​Excited to keep this promise to yourself and build self confidence?
  • ​Tired of spending time and money on “new” approaches (apps, challenges, keto, detoxes, intermittent fasting, etc.) only to end up in the same position a couple months later. 

Meet Erin.

Yo! I’m Erin Dimond. I’ve been an Online Coach since 2013 and have helped to transform around 4000 individual’s bodies. Which kind of makes me sounds like a hero but trust me, I’m not. I’m simply the guide. Early on in my career I noticed a trend of women having excellent results, lose the fat, achieve their goals and then 6-9 months later they would be inquiring for coaching again because they had gained the weight back. And while I appreciated the repeat business, something about that felt really wrong to me. I took a step back and decided that I no longer was interested in telling people what to do but rather TEACHING people how to do it. I started teaching my clients about flexible dieting and a few things happened…
  • Clients actually stuck with me LONGER because they were learning every week.
  • When they did drop off they NEVER had to come back( or hire another coach ever again) because they had the tools to SUSTAIN their transformation now.
  • My company actually grew 10 fold because I started to create RAVING fans who told everyone about how I actually changed their life and put an end to life long yo-yoing for some! 
After 5 years of owning a gym I closed the doors realizing I was having a much greater impact on people's lives by truly TEACHING women how to have long term, SUSTAINABLE results and how to achieve the body of their dreams without having to give up wine or ice cream (we all have our vice.;)) I take my role and calling on this earth very seriously. My team and I will be invested in your growth (sometimes too invested) and we only want you on board if you’re truly ready to make a change. If you’re ready, there is nobody that’s going to care about your success more. Let us be your guide.

Still not convinced that this is the LAST program/coach you’ll ever have to buy? Hear it from some of the 4,000+ women we’ve worked with!

What's Included?!

Individualized Macros Tailored To Your History and Goals

  • You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire so we can create your macro code to get you where you want to be
  • Don’t know how to track macros or even what flexible dieting is? We’ll teach you that too!

Training: Access To Your Workouts In Our Exclusive EDF App

  • Customized workouts for your skill level and the equipment you have available
  • Workout videos and explanations so it’ll be like we’re there with you
  • Workout tracking feature to keep a record of weights used to ensure improvement week after week

Accountability and Coaching 

  • Weekly check ins where we’ll talk about diet, collect biofeedback, discus workouts, mindset, and goals
  • A start up phone call to go over your plan and answer questions as you start forming the habits you’ll need to achieve your goals
  • Frequent Coaching calls with the EDF team as well as a Facebook group and Instagram community of like minded individuals